Reflections Thing 4

As I read through the many blogs, thoughts of information accessibility, overload, danced in my head. the amount of information available for projects, research, etc. is unfathomable! But I digress to the challenge that continues to concern me – filtering through, determining validity and appropriateness, of the enormous amount of information instead of responding to the numerous readings. So let me return to the project at hand…

The first bog I read was Mr. Myer’s on no longer assigning homework – BRAVO!! I believe he truly hit the nail on the head: it’s all about time management. Through his years of teaching experiences, he has learned to effectively manage classroom time. Whether an elementary, middle school, or high school teacher, we all agree that class time is treasured (no one wants to give up even a second of it) and that practice on new concepts is important. Thus how to get everything “in” during a class period is a major challenge. Mr. Myer’s technology management system is quite impressive; I’m not sure I understand it all, though.

Just as impressed as I was with Mr. Myers, I was equally unimpressed with the $2 whiteboard. I cannot speak for the school on which the article is based, but at my school interactive whiteboards are a useful, technological edition to the classroom. Although the blogger does point out one of the main problems of the interactive whiteboard – typically one student at a time, his response is an oversimplification. There are many benefits of the boards; and yes, they can be just as intellectually stimulating as a $2 whiteboard. Everything described as “happening” with the $2 whiteboard is also happening on the interactive board with the addition of a plethora of other activities. The author writes like many technology savvy people I know who have not really worked with these boards. On to the next…

Project based learning is terrific; the blog describes all the attributes that make PBL such an outstanding educational approach.

Two blogs really captured my attention: an open letter to administrators and the myth of the digital native. The open letter was a reminder of the difference between a leader and an administrator. The blog stressed, with its many links and quotes the importance of “empowering” those around you and making connections with people (web 2.0 as one means of doing this,

With the myth blog, it was so enlightening to bring to light the misconceptions of who is technological savvy.


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